Maruti Suzuki wagon R 2019

Let me tell you about the India’s most popular hatchbacks swift, tiago and Wagon R & from such success Maruti launches new generation of Wagon R called Wagon R 2019 & We rename as Waguu as nickname. So let’s find out, is new Waguu is perfect for you.

So we can discuss new Waguu in terms of-




4:Engine specifications

5:Safety Features

6:Car Average

7:Experts review

8:Wagon r Alternatives

So lets start with the first point-

Versions&pricing: Wagon r available in 13 variants

Variants Pricing(on road)
LXI (998cc)1.0 4.86 lakhs
LXI (O)1.0 4.93 lakhs
VXI 1.0 5.41 lakhs
VXI 1.0(O) 5.48 lakhs
VXI(1.2) 5.68 lakhs
VXI(O)1.2 5.57 lakhs
VXI1.0(Automatic) 5.95 lakhs
ZXI 1.2 6.06 lakhs
VXI 1.2( Automatic) 6.29 lakhs
ZXI 1.2 (Automatic) 6.58 lakhs

2:Design & Dimension: Design of Wagon R is totally changed

*Headlights are in sharp edges pattern but unfortunately comes with halogen bulbs.

* grills comes with new zig zag pattern with chrome finished pattern.

2:Chrome finished grills in zig zag pattern

*Fog lamps also come with halogen bulbs in rounded form

*Lenth,width,height of wagon R increase that means more space in the interior.

Length width Height
3655mm 1620mm 2435mm

*Tail lights looks almost like new ertiga in standered form

*Wagon R comes with back glass wipers which becomes very useful in rainy season.

*Wagon R has new 14 inches tires but comes with steel rims also in top variant which degrade its classic looks.


* well interior is totally changed & colour is light Bach + black colour.

*Steering is compact & easy to handle in the left sound + audio control are given & in right nothing there.

*Speedometer is in rounded shape with electronic display in which various indication such as battery,seat belt indication are given while RPM & fuel indication level are given on the right side.

Drawback: No MID display can be given in the speedometer which looks pretty cool also properly indicate lots of information in the proper way.

*2 AC vents are for driver & 2 for co driver

Display:*7 inch touch screen system is given which comes with “Android auto & apple car play.

*Sun shades with vanity mirror is only for co- driver

*Gear shift ratio is high that means more power is needed to shift the gear.

I noticed something while shifting the gear 5th gear is quit inconvenient to shift.

*Back seats are pretty comfortable but not comes with adjustable head rest

*In the back as well as in the front we get sufficient head room as well as leg room my height is 5-8 & I can comfortably stretch my legs as I tested in my you tube review of new wagon R 2019

Boot Space: We can get 341 litre of boot space which is more than that of Baleno & Vitara Breezza

3:ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS: New wagon R comes with 1000cc engine in LDI & VDI variant only

*1200 cc engine comes in VDI & ZDI variant

TRANSMISSION: LDI & VDI 1.0 L comes with manual transmission only & VDI & ZDI 1.2 l comes with both manual as well as automatic transmission.

4:SAFETY FEATURES: Well there are two types of safety features which protect us externally & one which protect us internally.

EXTERNAL SAFETY FEATURES:1:Airbags:Wagon R available with 1 airbag as an standard & 2 airbags in last variant.

Internal safety features: ABS (Anti Lock Bracking System)

2:EBD(Electronic Brake Force Distribution)

ABS helps us lot when wheels are jam & stars skidding on the surface at the result driver lose control on stering therefore ABS avoid jamming  the brake by pressing & release brake simultaneously 20 times in 1 second.

The picture shown below is the indication of ABS called as ABS motor.

5:CAR AVERAGE: One of the most wonderful thing is that no one can beat Maruti Suzuki in achieving high average

variant average
1.2 L(MANUAL) 21.5 KMPL
1.0 L( MANUAL) 22.5 KMPL

6:Expert Advice:According to the experts & researchers of our website Wagon R is very good in average,nice looking in design,fun to drive but requires more maintaince than any other Maruti cars & also based upon aluminium alloys frame work which is light weight but not too safe at high speed.

Wagon r alternatives:HYUNDAI SANTRO,TATA TIAGO