Want’s to Shine your Car Like New One.

My lucky car.in brings you the coating solution for your car.

Polymer coating on a car
Polymer coating on a car

No no it’s not a mirror,not a new car just a polymer coating on an old car.but what is the magic behind shiny coating,”these coatings along with various materials like,Teflon,ceramic reacts with colour along with car polish& creates mirror like shine. Now it’s not ends at that point ,you can apply different types of coatings according to your choice,budget,need&purpose.

Types of Coatings:

1:Polymer coating.

2:Teflon coating.

3:Ceramic coating.

Let’s discuss one by one & find out your perfect coating for your car to make also a perfect one.

1:Ceramic coating:Ceramic coating also called as opti coat polymer which makes a bond with car paint & creates a layer of protection. Its just like using a fairness cream on your face.

Advantages of Ceramic coating:

1:It’s better to apply ceramic coating rather than a new paint if you can use your car 1 or 2 days in a week.

2:Ceramic coating is one of the cheapest coating in all of them but it’s effective & you can afford it easily.

Disadvantages of Ceramic coating:

1:Ceramic coating life is less than that of Teflon & Polymer coating.

Polymer Coating:Polymer coating contains molecular structure that contains large number of similar units.Teflon coating is one of a type of polymer coating.

Teflon Coating: Teflon coating
also called as anti rust coating which synthesized chemically with fluoro polymer & brings shine to your car.

Advantages of Teflon Coating:

1:Teflon coating does’nt react with car paint.

2:It’s an anti rust coating so very beneficial in rainy season.

Disadvantages of Teflon Coating:

1:Teflon coating initial cost is higher than ceramic coating.