Top Hatchbacks under 10 Lakhs.

Hatchbacks are one of the most selling cars in India for small families that’s why too many options are available in the market & it’s very confusing to pick up the right one .

Don’t worry we are with you, we can help you to pick your perfect car. So we ranked the cars from bottom to top that is from 10 the position to 1st.

6: Maruti Suzuki Alto 800:

Experts advice:Alto is very popular & reliable car of Maruti Suzuki but Alto 800 is not like that. It is affordable in comfortable price but it’s chassis is not to much strong & it’s not performing well in n- cap global crash test.

uti suzuki alto 800

But car is unbeatable in average so if you love to drive alone so its a very good car.

Specification of maruti suzuki alto 800:Alto 800 contains 796 cc of engine which produces 48 BHP of power with 69 Nm of torque.

Pricing of maruti suzuki alto 800:

Versions       pricing (RS)

STD                 2.69 LAKHS
STD(O)           2.75 LAKHS
LXI                  3.2 LAKHS
LXI(O)            3.33 LAKHS
VXI                  3.4 LAKHS
VXI(O)            3.52 LAKHS
LXI CNG         3.89 LAKHS

5:Renault Kwid:

Experts advice on Renault kwid:Renault kwid design matches like SUV therefore its looks are eye cathy & its ground clearance is also very good around 180mm sounds everything like SUV & its first in segment which provides touch screen infotainment system ^& also supports apple car play with android auto.

Disadvantages: Renault kwid rated 0 star in N cap test.

Advantages:Because of large ground clearance & good suspensions it performs well for long route & best suited for updowners.

Pricing of Renault Kwid:                         
Variant                             pricing IN LAKHS (Rs)

 STD                                  2.78 LAKHS
 RXE                                  3.22 LAKHS
RXL                                   3.48 LAKHS
RXT Opt                           3.93 LAKHS
1.0 RXT                             4.41 LAKHS
CLIMBER 1.0                   4.40 LAKHS
1.0 RXT AMT Opt           4.45 LAKHS  Climber 1.0 AMT           4.70 LAKHS

4: Maruti Suzuki Celerio: 

Maruti suzuki celerio X
maruti suzuki celerio X
Expert Advice on Maruti suzuki Celerio :Celerio is an prominent car both in automatic & in manual transmission.If you find a perfect car which is decent in safety,comfort & also stable for updowners.

Specification of maruti suzuki celerio: 

Engine specification:  Celerio has newly developed k10 engine which is made by aluminium alloys at the result weight of engine & car decreases & average of car increase.Engine has an displacement of 998cc which produces 67 BHP of power with 90 Nm torque.

Advantages:1: Celerio has newly developed k10 engine which is made by aluminium alloys at the result weight of engine & car decreases & average of car.

2:Celerio x has new sporty design which looks impressive & only car in segment with sporty design.

Disadvantages: Celerio has very poor safety rating.

Pricing of Celerio:
variants       pricing
Lxi                   4.34 Lakhs
Lxi(o)              4.48 Lakhs
Vxi                   4.67 Lakhs
Vxi(o)              4.83 LAKHS
Zxi                    4.93 Lakhs
Vxi AMT          5.09 Lakhs
Vxi(o)AMT      5.26 Lakhs
Vxi CNG           5.30Lakhs
Zxi AMT          5.36 Lakhs
Zxi(opt)           5.41 Lakhs
Vxi(O)CNG     5.45 Lakhs
Zxi(O)AMT     5.53Lakhs

3 :Tata Tiago:

Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago
Expert advice on Tata Tiago: Tata Tiago is one of the best product from Tata & design is also very attractive.In terms of safety car is decent performing & also comes with powerful engine but in terms of maintenance tata is average performing.Overall this car is best for small families & also compatible with long trip sometimes.

Specification of Tata Tiago:

Engine Specifications:Engine is powerful than celerio & has an displacement of 997cc to 1047 cc which produces 69 BHP of power with 140 Nm torque.

Pricing of Tata Tiago:

Variants                                pricing(L)
Revotron XE                            4.13 L
Revotron XE(O)                       4.36L
Revotron XM                            4.45L
Revotron XM(O)                      4.67L
Revotron XT                              4.7L
Revotorq XE                              4.85L
Revotorq XT(O)                        4.99L
Revotorq XE(O)                        5.08L
Revotron XTA                           5.14L
Revotron XZ Alloy                   5.20L
Revotron XM                             5.26L
Revotron XZ                              5.31L
Revotron XM(O)                       5.49L
Revotron XT                              5.60L
Revotron XZ PLUS                   5.66L
Revotron DUAL TONE             5.73L
Revotorq Xz plus dual tone  6.48L

Advantages of Tata Tiago:In terms of deign, tiago is unbeatable & comes with good power better than celerio & also have low maintenance if you ride once or twice in a week.

Disadvantages of Tata Tiago:According to past experiences of Tata like Indica peoples may think twice when come to performance.


When we are talking about the high speed & quick pick-up car then definitely its volkswagen polo.Power steering is shaped in a ovel design which helps in sharp turn that why we can consider polo as a race car.

Specifications of Volkswagen Polo:

Engine specification:1.0 litre of engine  having displacement of 997 cc produces 75 BHP of power with 95 Nm torque & 1.5Litre of engine produces 108 BHP of power with 250 Nm torque.Torque is not so such impressive but yes we get sufficient power.


Variant                               Pricing

1.0 pace                               6.03L

HIGHLINE 1.0(p)               7.4 L

HIGHLINE 1.5                    8.67L                             
TRENDLINE                       5.34L 
TRENDLINE 1.0P              5.74L                                            
COMFORTLINE 1.0L(P)   6.44L                           
TRENDLINE 1.5L(D)         7.26L                                
HIGHLINE PLUS 1.0(P) Connect edition                                7.42L

HIGHLINE PLUS 1.0(P) 16 ALloy                                                        7.58L

COMFORTLINE 1.5L(D)                                                                        8.19L

HIGHLINE PLUS 1.5(D) CONNECT EDITION                            8.95L

HIGHLINE PLUS 1.5(D) Alloy                                                              9.13L

GT TSI sport                                                                                            9.50L
GT TDI                                                                                                      9.70 L

Advantages of Volkswagen Polo:Polo come with wonderful pickup & power that means you always wins the race no matter either its swift or baleno.

Disadvantages of Volkswagen Polo:No doubt polo comes with very good power but its design is casual either you like it or reject it.

1:Hyundai Santro:

Hyundai Santro isone of the oldest product of Hyundai & its sells is almost on the boom but in last few years due to its regular design customers attract towards other available choices.So its good news for customers & also Hyundai lovers Hyundai brings new look of Santro in 2018 but its eligant design:

Specification of Hyundai Santro:

Engine Specification:1.1 litre of engine produces 68 BHP of power with 99 Nm of torque.Engine performance is moderate but engine is so silent that you can hear only sensation of engine.

Pricing of Hyundai Santro:

Variant              Pricing

D LITE                 3.89L
ERA                      4.24L
MAGNA               4.57L
SPORTZ                4.99L
MAGNA AMT      5.18L
MAGNA CNG       5.23L
ASTA                     5.45L
SPORTZ AMT      5.46L
SPORTZ CNG       5.64L

Advantages of Hyundai Santro: 

we can say that Santro as an family car because lots of features are first in its segment like rear AC for all round cooling,2 airbags from base variant & ABS & EBD features for fine braking.

Disadvantages of Hyundai Santro:

you can expect proper comfort & easy ride for the family but you cant expect power from Hyundai Santro.