Tata Harrier”Reason to Purchase or not to purchase”

We know very well, Range Rover & Jaguar are the companies of Tata motors so Range rover decided to help tata motors to improve the design & performance of Tata cars.

tata harrier
Tata harrier

Tata Harrier is one of them who’s design is inspired from Range Rover so definitely harrier design is unbeatable.Now let’s discuss some advantages or features which are either first in its segment or very useful.

Reason to Buy Tata Harrier:

1: Design of Tata Harrier : We know that how very well Range Rover design are & they helps to design Tata new car called as Tata Harrier so if you want to purchase high profile design car whose design may long last then Tata harrier is for you.

Harrier designed on powerful modular efficient chassis design based on Range Rover architecture which is one of the most trusted & powerful chassis that means Tata Harrier is powerful performer.

Tata Harrier chassis design
Tata Harrier chassis design

Luxurious Interior of Tata Harrier:

Interior design is totally impressive which based on dual tone colour theme & engraved by leather finish touch on the dashboard.Hand brake is like a aeroplane, lever like in Marazzo & better than that.

Powerful Engine:

Luxury with power is the main points which makes a perfect SUV & Tata Harrier might equipped with that point having engine capacity of 2.2L contains displacement of 2156cc which is first in it’s segment apart from that Hyundai creta is the car having 1.6L of engine that means if you need a powerful engine with impressive torque that means Tata Harrier is for you.

Sufficient Boot Space:

Going on long adventure with family that’s the beauty of SUVs for that you need to borrow heavy league with us.yes Tata Harrier contains a space of 425 litre in boot which makes an Tata Harrier as an Adventurer tourer.

Anti Roll Bar Suspension:

We you brings you SUV on Hill then there may be some changes to roll over the vechicle when you car tilt at 45 degree angle then if your car supports or have (Anti Roll Bar Suspension) then they creates low bumps or jerk on the hill which prevents the chances of rolling.

Sync Air Conditioner Option:

Suppose while driving you may need to set Ac temperature at 20°c & your partner wants 16°c then you may set two different temperatures at one time by Sync option.

Reasons not to buy Tata Harrier:

1:Power of Engine:

Yes Tata Harrier has 1956cc Engine yet we don’t get much power of 138 BHP ,yes but torque is much impressive.

2:Pricing of Tata Harrier:

Definitely Harrier is very good car in terms of looks,performance,features but pricing is little much high. Base model ‘XE’ ex showroom pricing stars at 12.39 Lakhs & on road price startsat 13.56 Lakhs & Top variant ‘XZ’ is 19.7 Lakhs that means Tata Harrier compeats with Hyundai Creta ,Jeep compass & if compete with other segment than XUV 500 is the biggest competator.

3:Past Expirence with Tata Motors:

In the beginning of Take Motors starting vechicle’s like Indica,Indigo,Indica cs is not so much polular among owners but the present of Tata is much better than that Tata Tiago,Nexon are the biggest examples of that & again Tata proves again by launching Tata Harrier.

4:Engine of Tata Harrier:

Yes engine is equipped with enough cc with much power but engine noise is audible in the cabin or interior which can either roar your experience or irrates your experience.

At the end if most of the advantages suits you then Tata Harrier is best car for you & if most of disadvantages belongs to you then it’s better to leave that option.