Why ABS is important in Vechicle’s?

Before knowing the importance,let me clear what is exactly ABS is.

And motor in car
Abs motor source-clear mechanic.com

Definition & Full Form of ABS:

ABS means “Anti Lock Braking System” is a type of braking which works on anti lock instead of continuous looking & prevent Vechicle’s 🎿 skidding on the road surface. Mechanically we can say that brake pad instead of continuous pressing of disc,it will press the disc at particular time interval around(15) times in a second so that disc along with wheel can rotate freely& which allows the steering to turn the Vechicle’s freely without jamming.

Let me explain you ABS in simple language suppose you are riding a bicycle & suddenly someone comes in front of your bicycle than what would you do?Off course suddenly apply brakes but what if distance is too short or some oil may shattered on the road then your brake will not works I mean your bicycle starts skidding on the surface and if you want to take turn then probably you may loose you control & after that you may know very well what may happen either he may injured or you one also but if you can place a bike or car instead of bicycle then damage may possible to be happen 50% more than that. Than ABS will help to bring back to your control on your steering as well as on your braking by anti lock system.

But How can we find out that our Vechicle’s can be equipped with ABS or not:

There are two ways to identify of ABS

1:Vechicle’s company clearly mention the ABS in braking features specification.

2:If you can’t identify ABS by point 1 than you will find that ABS motor in your vechicle when you open the bonnet.

Therefore it’s clear to us that how ABS can be important to us so keep remember in mind to select A vechicle having equipped with ABS.