Best Commercial Vehicle of INDIA

When it comes to commercial vehicle then then definitely load capacity & power is very-very important.Yes today we will talk about India’s one of the most powerful commercial vehicle Isuzu D-max .Let me tell you the.

1:Design of Isuzu D-max : In terms of looks Isuzu is eye cathy & equipped with conventional headlamps along with halogen bulbs yes we don’t have an Drl’s but additionally we have powerful reflectors along with additional lighting & most important we have more than sufficient ground clearance,side & back profile are also very large in width & length that’s why it’s design is crowd grabbing. Suspensions:It’s the most important key & major factor if you want to purchase a heavy load car & isuzu d-max have “double-wishbone coil spring suspension” in the front & ‘leaf spring at the back ‘ so you don’t to worry about the load you can load your vehicle up to 500 kg equals to half of Swift & double the weight of royal enfield. Engine

2:Specifications: Isuzu D-Max have 2.2 Litre engine having displacement of 1976 cc produces power of 178 BHP with 380 Nm of torque. Special features of Engine :2.2 litre of engine features intercooler engine with turbo charged technology at the result you don’t need to worry for off roading. 2:Neatly Design interior:Generally commercial vehicles don’t think for neatly design interior but isuzu d-max interior is very classy with chilled blast AC option. Convenient for Family: Yes we have to think twice or thrice when we want to purchase a family vehicle with commercial compatibilty & isuzu can have that power.

3:Conclusion:Yes if want a family car along with commercial & off roading capability then suzu d-max is a good car for you.