Honda Civic 2019 price,features,specifications,variants

Honda civic 2019                                             Honda civic 2019

Civic is one of the epic sedan from Honda yet customers don’t interested in petrol sedan’s due to low average & heavy pricing but in 2019, epic is back with all new platform with the hope of success like honda city but there is very tough competition for civic because of price tag of 26 lakhs Rs & because of SUV’s craze in 2019 Now let’s see how powerful in the new Civic 2019 & which features is first in segment.

Variant’s & Pricing of Honda Civic 2019:

V CVT Petrol – 20.37 Lakhs Rs

VX CVT Petrol- 22.06 Lakhs Rs

VX Diesel- 23.15 Lakhs Rs

ZX CVT Petrol- 24.09 Lakhs Rs

ZX Diesel- 25.55 Lakhs Rs

My Lucky Car .in opinion:

Well civic is very powerful sedan but pricing according to specs is not so competitive so ultimately civic can be overpriced.

Engine Specifications of Honda Civic 2019:

Petrol engine comes with 1.8 litre capacity having displacement of 1797cc produces power of 180 BHP with 198 Nm of torque.

Diesel engine comes with 1.6 litre of engine having displacement of 1596 cc produces power of 120 BHP with 300 Nm of torque.

My Lucky Car .in opinion on Engine:

Well if you want a powerful sedan then definitely petrol engine produces more but diesel engine will give you a sufficient torque which helps in hilly areas & also for updowners & if you can’t drive regularly then petrol car is good for you.

Special Features of Civic 2019:

Civic can be equipped with tone’s of features..

1:Braking features like ABS,EBD,Hill assist,TCS(Traction Control System)

2:Left Lane Departure Camera:It can difficult to judge left lane when you switch your car segment then left lane camera will give you a proper guidance to properly judge the left lane.

3: Electronic seats will help you to adjust your seats via electronic controls.

4:LED lighting which is first in segment not an LED projectors which produces sharp white light’s

5: We can get sufficient boot space of 430 litre.

Reason to Buy Honda Civic 2019:

If you want’s to purchase a Sedan under 20 Lakhs then you have few options like Skoda Octavia,Hyundai Elantra & nothing more than that popular choices but octavia is not updated in those years & elantra looks like verna but civic 2019 gives futuristic looks which can be unbeatable.

Reason to Avoid Honda Civic 2019:

Well overall car is good but there are some cons like Civic automatic comes in petrol only so diesel with automatic is not in Civic & it’s an 4 seater car because in the middle of rear seats Length are upper than left & right seats therefore it’s inconvenient to sit in the middle & also when headrest is not available at the middle at last for a person having 6 feet height its difficult to sit at the rear because of lower headroom.