TatabXenon vs Mahindra Imperio, which is Best?

Mahindra Imperio
Mahindra Imperio

Tata Xenon

Tata Xenon & Mahindra Imperio are one of the best vehicle for heavy loading & extreme dynamic conditions but the point is that which car is better in each & every condition ,let’s find out.

Design & Looks:

In terms of looks ,Imperio looks quit modern & eligant & Xenon looks simple having no curves no sharp look only simplicity but in terms of design Imperio is the winner.

Engine Specifications:

Well Imperio has direct injection common rail engine but Xenon has DI turbocharged water cooled engine so it produces more power & lesser heat generation because of water cooled technology In terms if cc Imperio has 2.5 litre of engine produces 74 BHP of power with 220 Nm of torque & Xenon has 3.0 litre of engine produces power of 113.4 BHP with 250 Nm of torque. Ultimately Xenon has more power & torque thus Xenon has better performer but Imperio has more efficiency,more average,&powerful torque at low rpm.

Suspension :

Imperio equipped with “Independent coil spring ” at front & “leaf spring” at rear while Xenon had “double wishbone coil” at front & “parabolic spring at rear”.In terms of suspension Xenon is better than Imperio because it has double wishbone instead single coil so it provides better stability & parabolic leaf spring so it will minimize vibration & due to parabolic design it provides more load capacity.

Special features:

Both Cars are equipped with ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) & Hill hold which provides better braking & Hill hold provides better driving condition at hilly roads at the result it provide better driving experience at different road conditions. Both cars have navigation system for better judgement of new roads & cruise control( above 20 kmpl car runs at constant speed) which is be beneficial for long routes.

Kerb weight & Pay Load:

Imperio is heavy than Xenon.

Car. Kerb weight

Imperio 1920 kg

Xenon. 1910 kg

With extraordinary features Imperio having pay load capacity of 1070 kg while Xenon fails to provide such higher pay load having capacity of 1040 kg. So Imperio provides better loading capacity while Xenon has lesser loading capacity.