What’s new in the Maruti Suzuki Baleno 2019 Facelift

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Facelift 2019
Maruti Suzuki Baleno Facelift 2019

One of the best product of maruti suzuki is Baleno, which comes with luxury & dynamic design, that’s why it’s one of the most loved hatchback’s of India .But there are some problems with that car such as engine noise problem,no projectors headlamps,& not so much safety features in braking even ABS like important feature is missing in base variant so after solving all these major problems Baleno 2019 facelift has been launched with new alloy’s sharp look & fenomenal features.Let’s look at the specifications & let’s check out what’s new inside & outside the new Baleno 2019.

Looks & Design:

Well in terms of looks Baleno already wins the hearts of Indian’s that ‘s why it’s one of the most loved hatchbacks of India but there is missing something to make the Baleno quit futuristic that’s the alloy wheels & yes now it’s come in new diamond cut alloy wheels with bombastic design.Finally we have sharp LED projector headlamps which is the mandatory feature now a day’s.Chrome treatment must be added now & can be enhanced now in the new bumpers with bumpers lining.At the front fog lamp housing is now quit modernistic with the new curves design that increases the beauty of car at the front side.At the side view chrome door handles must be added with side bumper lining .I think it’s need to improve the car back which looks quit buffy & it’s also decreases the strength of structure scientifically & also not suitable aerodynamically.It’s also needs to improve the back headlight’s which can be over rounded because customer’s now a day’s have demand’s of vertical shape headlights no matter whether it’s a hatchback or an SUV.

Engine & Transmission:

It’s my favourite part in Baleno is that Baleno’s engine provide wonderful power with a nice pickup & a wonderful average that’s the main reason to purchase the new Baleno.Yes it’s overweight but a nice handling & you cant feel like an overweight car.Baleno’s engine comes in 1.2 L of engine provides an power of 83 BHP with 115 Nm of torque which is very good.RS version of Baleno has 997 cc of engine provides an power of 101 BHP with 150 Nm of torque.

Value for money variant:

All the variant are not good as per the brand i think RS version is the most preferred version according to me because it can provides you a more than sufficient pickup & very nice power & most important highest average compared to all versions almost 23-25 kmpl in highway & 22 kmpl in city.

Safety Features:

it’s the most important features in cars is that safety because safety is one of the important number number priority.I think Baleno need’s to improve it’s safety & need to bring’s more safety features.we have only 2 airbags in base variant as in ‘sigma’ & also in the top variant that is’ Delta’ other competitors of Baleno like i20,& now figo provide’s us 5 airbags as an safety features in the top model which can slo include knee airbags which can insure proper safety of passengers as well as driver.

Braking Safety Features:

Braking safety feature’s will insure you a safe driving in every condition & also beneficial in different-different weather conditions like ABS  will helps us lot in slippery surface conditions buy braking instead continuously pressing the pads will press 20 times a second which can help you to fully control on your vehicle in every conditions.So finally as an safety features we get ABS & EBD( Electronic Brake Force Distribution) as an standard safety features which can be necessary as per government in every car so i think it’s not good because you are paying for 10 lakhs for a car & get same features in 3 lakhs car.

Driving Experience of Baleno:

Yes Baleno is very good to drive,excellent in pickup & haas an nice controlling i will give to Baleno a 4 star in driving.Due to turbo charger it will goes from 0-90 in just 8 seconds.It’s also very good for customers looking a car to updown i think in maruti i will give 5 stars for a good car for updown as compared to all maruti cars & overall 4 star as compared to other brand’s & finally according to the team of My Lucky Cr .in will gives overall 4.1 star to Baleno & finally we can say’s that undoubtedly you can purchase the new Baleno without any hesitation.