Nissan Kicks Best SUV of India

Nissan Kicks in ICC
Nissan Kicks in ICC

Nissan may lost somewhere  for few years but now when the craze of SUV is on the boom then they decide to come back with new SUV with new features, futuristic design, all new technology & also nissan’s patented technology & Kicks is the new product from Nissan but lot’s of question came in customer’s mind like is it reliable,it’s good enough as other SUV & can we trust at lost brand so we can find answers of such questions in that vlog.

Design & Looks:

Well the looks of the new Kicks can be unmatchable in design due to it’s futuristic look & aerodynamic design.Looks totally neither be too sharp or too dull but it’s descent enough to grab the customers attention into the market.For the first time in nissan we have LED projector headlamps with neatly design front headlamps.Every company has it’s own grill design but not with nissan & specially in Kicks ‘Rhombohedral’ shaped grills with chrome lining can be obtained at the front with round logo of nissan on the grill & hopefully LED fog lamps at the bottom which looks fascinating.Let’s take a look at the side view, well it’s not so extraordinary look it’s looks like normal but the top roof of kicks can be neatly designed with futuristic look with vibrant colours. Back profile is quit descent with rectangular shaped LED taillamps divided into two sections but overall nissan kicks must be descent enough to grab lot’s of attention into the market.

Specially Patented Feature of Nissan:

Well in luxurious car like in Audi A8 & in Mercedes S class smart parking option is available what’s this (Well after when you reach at your destination then you don’t worry to find parking place  there can be parking button option which can auto park your car by finding suitable place )Very nice feature but it’s only available in BMW & Audi like car but fortunately Kicks is that car which can provide’s us that features in 16 lakhs Rs car.

2; 360 degree camera for smart parking called as  mobility function which allow you to view each & every thing near your car & your car can never touches at the time of tight parking.

Engine specifications:

Kicks comes in 1.4 L of engine having displacement of 1397 cc produces an power of 109 BHP with 240 Nm of torque.It has vary good power & performance wise we will give 5 stars & torque is also good so you can take over other cars easily without change into another gear so at 2nd gear it provides enough torque as you can pull up easily up to 70 kmpl.

Performance & Suspension:

Car is equipped with Mcpherson strut coil spring with coil spring stabilizer at the front & torsion fleam with coil spring at the rear so these are excellent suspension with good arrangement so it provides high stability at rough roads so definitely it’s best for offroading purpose.It has 5.2 meter of turning radius which indicates that it also convenient for city.Kicks equipped  with 17 inches of alloy wheels which provides very good grip at every conditions & also beneficial in quick braking. Overall we will give kicks 5 star in performance.

Safety Features: 

I think Nissan take cares the customers safety that why we have total 4 airbags from base variant & we have lot’s of braking features like ABS,EBD & hill hold & ESP so definitely 4.8 stars in safety for Kicks.


Yes it’s acceptable that nissan can come back in an very good manner & the product Kick has very good features in which some are first in segment & foe updowners it’s the best SUV for the purpose for the personal use & for family also.So overall we will give 4.5 stars so it’s good to buy Nissan Kicks.