Hyundai Venue vs Mahindra XUV 300

Hyundai XUV 300


Mahindra XUV 300

XUV 300 & Venue are those cars which changes SUV segment totally by there various first in segment features but the point is that which is the best one in between them?

Design & Looks & Dimension:

Xuv 300 comes in an aggressive look with all the way running DRL’s, chrome finished grills, oval shape tail lamps,1st in segment 17 inches alloy wheels & front parking sensors.

While Venue comes in Harrier type design just like heavy shape looks with turn indicators on the top most corners, 16 inches of alloy chrome door handles, rear parking sensors ,parking camera with guide vanes.

Because these are sub 4 meters SUVS so both the SUVs comes in 3995 long but length of Venue is 1770mm & XUV 300 is 1821 mm while height of Venue is 1605 mm & XUV 300 is 1627mm.

Engine Specifications of XUV 300 & Hyundai Venue:

Both the engines are very powerful bur they have massive difference in terms of BHP & torque,

XUV 300 comes in 1.2 L petrol engine which produces 110 BHP of power with 200 Nm of torque which is longest in it’s segment so you can push your car limit’s even in 2 or 3 rd gear.While Venue comes in 1.0 L of engine but comes with turbocharger which produces 118 BHP of power with 172 Nm of torque .So In terms of power Venue is good but when come to the point of Torque than definately XUV 300 is the winner.

In Venue we get 1.4 L of diesel engine produces 89 BHP of power with 200 Nm of torque while in XUV 300 we will get 1.5 L of diesel engine which produces 110 BHP of power with 300 Nm of torque. It’s the same engine in Mahindra Marazzo which is a 7 seater family car & apart from that we get sufficient power & torque for 7 seater SUV so definitely it’s more than sufficient for compact SUV.

First in segment features of Hyundai Venue:

1:Blue Link Technology:
Blue link technology can be the first one to be entered into the Indian market & it’s the same technology as in MG Hector but quite different.

With the help of that technology, you can perform the various physical function of your car with the help of your Android app called as Blue link which you can download from google play store & apple I store. Now, what’s the physical function you can perform is like ON/OFF your ignition, Door 3Lock & Unlock, AC on & Off & Smart voice assistant system through which you can set your destination through navigation with the help of your voice command. Thanks to google India which can easily understand Hinglish easily so it’s very easy to command the voice assistance & to control various function such as navigation system. You can also set your destination with the help your navigation voice assistance such as hello Hyundai set the destination to the hotel, Take me to the petrol pump. Wow, what an interesting feature which can never be installed even in Mercedes India. Yes blue link technology already works in the USA for 9 years & Hyundai thinks to be entered the new technology into the Indian market.

2: 24*7 Support: 
It’s one of the best features in which 24*7 means Hyundai India always ready for your help in the case of an accident which can detect the problem when the airbags of the car open.

3: SOS Emergency:
It’s the physical button which can be installed over the mirrors so that in case of accident you will press the button so that it will place an emergency call your 5 what’s app friends.

4: Crane Support button:
It will also be placed on the same position which can help you to give you support through the Crane by detecting your position through your navigation system.

5: Road Side Assistance:
These are physical buttons which you need to be press after your accident but if you are not able to press the button then Road side assistance will help you to call for your emergency.

5: Airbags:
These are the common feature now in the market & in the base variant of Venue you will get 2 airbags & in the top version in SX model you will get total 6 airbags 4 airbags is in the left & right side in the curtain & 2 airbags for passengers.

First in Segment Features of Mahindra XUV 300:

1: Airbags: 

Generally we seen 6 airbags in Ford Ecosport & Hyundai Venue but in XUV 300 we get 7 airbags including knee airbags.

2: Dual Zone Climate control:

It’s a rare feature to set the left & right side of temperature differently as in Mahindra Alturas G4 & Honda CRV but it can never be seen before in compact SUV segment & now this feature can be seen in XUV 300 where you can set left & right side of temperatures differently.

3:Front Parking Sensors:

Usually we get rear parking sensors but sometime’s in tight parking we also need front parking sensors for perfectly placed the car & in XUV 300 we get front parking sensors.

4: Auto Dimming IRVMS : It’s inconvenient in night to judge the cars right behind you in IRVMS due to the light of high reflectors but due to this feature of auto dimming we will clearly seen the car behind you due to auto dimming IRVMS.


Both the SUV’s are best in which some of there features are first in it’s segment & some extra ordinary features. Safety wise Venue is more safe than XUV 300 due to Blue link , SOS emergency as compared to 7 airbags of XUV 300. While when it comes to power than definately XUV 300 is the winner where you get sufficient power with extraordinary torque. Overall Our team My lucky gives 4.7 stars to Hyundai Venue & 4.5 stars to Mahindra XUV 300.