India’s First Electric SUV Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona (India's first electric SUV)
Hyundai Kona

Electric cars are not get so many attention world wide because of various reasons like ,bad pickup, hard to find service station,high cost. But World changing rapidly & due to high rate of pollution every car maker now plans to move on the electric one. Now Hyundai moves one step forward by reveling it’s first car as electric SUV in India name as Kona but the main problem which arises during purchasing of electric cars are high taxation on Electric vehicles , high after maintenance cost as well as high manufacturing cost.Let’s see Hyundai Kona will successful or not by it’s first electric vehicle.

Design & Looks of Hyundai Kona:

Well Electric cars have been design differently as compared to IC engine vehicles & you also feel some difference in the shape of hood, interior space,& dimension also & definitely space in terms of head room & leg room is more in the electric vehicle because of elimination of heavy component of IC engine. Yes the design of Kona looks futuristic with LED’s DRl’s on the top with turn indicators & LED projectors at the bottom. While fog lamp can not seen in the design leaked by Hyundai. Side frame consist of chrome door handles with black finish on the wheel housing. Hopefully 16/17 inches of diamond cut alloy wheels can be expected from Kona while revealing it’s specification. Overall design is almost same as previous Kona as launched world wide.

Interior of Kona will definitely fells royal with classic gray colour as standard. Lot’s of extraordinary features like TPMS ( Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), New wired gear shift which helps a lot in easy shifting of gears & in the new Kona gear ratio is the lowest as compared to it’s rivals. 7 seating option is not available & even Hyundai will plan to do so but yes with it’s 5 seating capacity you will get sufficient space in terms of leg room & head room.

Is Electric Kona gives us such performance & power as IC engines:

Definitely you will see the difference in terms of power when you will drive the electric vehicle but Kona will give you another level experience by it’s fantastic acceleration from(0-100 km/h) in just 9.7 s & it’s equal to a Tata Tiago pickup. The main advantage of Kona while driving is it’s different modes during different conditions. ECO,Sport,Normal mode, these modes will help to drive differently like sport’s mode helps you for quick pick up, Eco mode helps you to achieve maximum efficiency & city mode called as normal mode.

Weight of the battery’s & motors are less comparatively so definitely a weight of electric SUV equals to a sedan. These batteries provided 136 Ps of power same as 1.3 litre petrol engine so it’s a very positive step of Hyundai to introduce electric vehicle in India.

In the interior pedal shifters are used in the case if you want quick pick up or favorable while driving on mountains because automatic shift will not gives you quick pick up while driving. Along with that Ventilated seats are available which ensure your back portion don’t catch seat while driving.

Pricing of Hyundai Kona:

Pricing of Hyundai Kona starts from 22 lakhs & goes up to 26 lakhs

Definitely you will see lot of variation in pricing because LITHIUM ION BATTERY used to power the car are very costly so if Kona comes with petrol/diesel engine than price may vary from 15-18 lakhs.