Top 5 SUVs of India

5: Nissan Kicks:

Nissan Kicks in ICC
Nissan Kicks

Nissan may lost somewhere  for a few years but now when the craze of SUV is on the boom then they decide to come back with new SUV with new features, futuristic design, all new technology & also Nissan’s patented technology & Kicks is the new product from Nissan but lot’s of question came in customer’s mind like is it reliable, it’s good enough as other SUV & can we trust at lost brand so we can find answers to such questions in that vlog.

Well, the looks of the new Kicks can be unmatchable in design due to its futuristic look & aerodynamic design. Looks totally neither be too sharp or too dull but it’s decent enough to grab the customers attention into the market. For the first time in nissan, we have LED projector headlamps with neatly design front headlamps. Every company has its own grill design but not with Nissan & especially in Kicks ‘Rhombohedral’ shaped grills with chrome lining can be obtained at the front with the round logo of Nissan on the grill & hopefully LED fog lamps at the bottom which looks fascinating. Let’s take a look at the side view, well it’s not so extraordinary look it looks like normal but the top roof of kicks can be neatly designed with a futuristic look with vibrant colors. Back profile is quite a descent with rectangular shaped LED taillamps divided into two sections but overall Nissan kicks must be decent enough to grab lot’s of attention into the market.

Kicks come in 1.4 L of the engine having a displacement of 1397 cc produces a power of 109 BHP with 240 Nm of torque. It has very good power & performance wise we will give 5 stars & torque is also good so you can take over other cars easily without change into another gear so at 2nd gear it provides enough torque as you can pull up easily up to 70 kmpl.

4: Citroen C5 :

Citroen c5 first look
Citroen C5

It’s the first time for Citroen to be entered into the Indian market, there is already a tough competition in India specially in SUV segment so it’s necessary for the new brand to be some unique factor in everything like in terms of design, engine & lot’s of more & yes it seems to be like a game changer into the market due to its ergonomic design with some futuristic tough & especially dual tone exterior which makes the SUV like the sport’s one. Now let’s have a look to the all new & first car entered into the Indian market called as Citroen c5 but the point is that is it sustain into the market,is it safe,what’s the future of Citroen into the Indian market or can C5 beat’s all popular brands in SUV segment like Mahindra XUV 33, Tata Harrier, Ford Ecosport & lot’s of more Let’s check out.

Well in terms of design looks are fantastic in which grills firstly divided into two sections, in the first section DRL’S seems pretty cool & looks futuristic one & in second grills just in the lower one contains rectangular shaped headlamps with LED projectors. Its good to seems that headlamps are not oversized which looks quite boring. At the bottom-most part for lamp housing can be installed with orange ventilated housing which looks phenomenal. The side view is also interesting with all white body  & 16 inches dual tone spoke alloy wheels with orange tough at the bottom. Top roof of C5 is also based on dual tone color with orange rails at the topmost. Bach portion of C5 can be disappointing us with oval-shaped tail lamps & spoilers on the topmost part of the roof. Luckily we have defoggers which can help us a lot in the rainy season. It features air vents on the quarter & twin exhaust are housed in the lower part of the bumper.

well, it’s good to see that we can get a powerful engine. In petrol variant, we can get 1.2 L of the engine has a displacement of 1197cc produces a power of 128 BHP while in petrol we can get 2.0 L of the engine produces a displacement of 1997 cc produces a power of 178 definitely diesel engine can be most preferred.

3: Tata Harrier:

tata harrier

1: Design of Tata Harrier : We know that how very well Range Rover design is & they help to design Tata new car called as Tata Harrier so if you want to purchase high profile design car whose design may long last then Tata harrier is for you.

Harrier designed on powerful modular efficient chassis design based on Range Rover architecture which is one of the most trusted & powerful chassis that means Tata Harrier is a powerful performer.

Luxury with power is the main points which makes a perfect SUV & Tata Harrier might equip with that point having engine capacity of 2.2L contains displacement of 2156cc which is first in its segment apart from that Hyundai Creta is the car having 1.6L of engine that means if you need a powerful engine with impressive torque that means Tata Harrier is for you.

Going on a long adventure with a family that’s the beauty of SUVs for that you need to borrow heavy league with us. yes, Tata Harrier contains a space of 425 liters in the boot which makes a Tata Harrier as an Adventurer tourer.

Yes, the engine is equipped with enough cc with much power but engine noise is audible in the cabin or interior which can either roar your experience or irritates your experience.

2: Kia Seltos:

Kia Seltos

Looks are fantastic & match the concept of future cars by it’s all-new 6 LEDs headlamps with tiger nose grill & Heartbeat DRL which enhance the aggression of cars & matches the identity of premium cars.

Side profile consist of double 5 spoke alloy wheels with diamond cut design with door chrome handles & 70 kg high roof rail capacity.

Rear part consists of chrome strip running across tailgate & connect the both LED tail lamps. Seltos also consisting of plastic body cladding that runs from front to wheel arches & extended from rear bumpers.

1: New Seltoes equipped with all new boss sound system with 4 speakers,4 tweeters & 1 amplifier.

2: Smart Air Purifier System: 

Before from Seltos smart purifier system is installed in Hyundai venue which helps us lot to keep environment odor free.

3: 360 Dynamic camera:

Lot’s of customers may arise the question related to 360 dynamic camera because they can relate that functionality with a 360-degree camera. 360 dynamic camera means you can see the rear view from any angle which helps to enhance the judgment during tight parking.

Well officially engine specification was not launched yet but probably 1.5 L OF petrol & diesel engine may expect (1497 cc) produces the power of 90 BHP with 200 Nm of torque. In terms of power, it’s less than 2.0 L (1997 cc) engine as in Tata Harrier & MG Hector but yes officially exact cc may not launch so it’s not necessary to compare.

1: MG Hector:

MG Hector First look

MG is the 2nd brand to be entered into the Indian market in 2019 & buy analysing the point of interest of every car buyer is likely to attract more in SUV segment as compared to other that’s why the first product of MG is also a SUV  named as HECTOR which is likely to be compete with tones of brands & lot’s of new brand also like Citroen C5,Tata Harrier & Hyundai Venue so the competition in SUV segment is on the boom in India because of tonnes of options  but lot’s of options means more confusion & more confusion may lead to difficulty in buying the perfect one. Now let’s see how MG hector basically called as (Morris Garages). According to the study, we find lots of new features in Hector.

well the first one is the harrier which comes with 2.0 turbocharged diesel engine which is very powerful & first one in it’s price segment & again it’s the Hector which probably to come in 2.0 turbocharged diesel engine which produces 170 PS power with 350 Nm of torque while petrol engine comes with 1.5 L of engine having displacement of 1497 cc produces a power of 143 PS with 250 Nm of torque so in terms of power yes it can definitely tough competition to harrier but as per our team opinion ” As in Harrier some engine issues make create big problem & most of the customers can complain about the engine noise but don’t worry Hector doesn’t have such problem like harrier as some advanced technology of British & collaboration with Chinese companies.

1: Its the first internet car & comes with smart connectivity system called an i-smart generation system which can combine the software, hardware, connectivity services & its applications.

2: I- the smart system can comprise AI, smart features, voice assist,& investment which can make car environment user-friendly.

3:Voice command assist system which can help you to operate various car operation such as to open the sunroof, automatic climate control & navigate the route with your voice command & is in collaboration with google assistant which is a voice assistant system can generally work when you call” Hello MG” & with that it can control almost 100 such features.

4: Well generally most of the cars can come with 8 inches of infotainment system with apple car play & android auto but Hector can comprise 10.4 inches of system with ultra large full HD display which can make it better as other display & for full-time connectivity it has machine embedded sim, along with SUV internet protocol version 6.

5: This car can support 5G connectivity which can make it full a future proof car.

6: Along with navigation system it also has real-time navigation, a remote location which can help you to find’s your car position if you forgot where you park your car, Geofencing, Emergency response.

7: Along with car technologies you can also download i smart app from play smart so you can control lot’s of function of your car with your app only like to open, close the door, to turn on the ignition along to operate AC which can help us a lot & fully decade the problem of chill ac at initial level & it also increases load on the car.

8: The whole system can be secured by Microsoft & cloud provider so don’t need to take worry about the updates.