Renault Duster vs Hyundai Venue

Duster 2019 vs Venue

Duster is one of the oldest compact SUV in India from Renault, but not get so much attention from customers because of no upgradation for few years. But now Duster is going to be update with it’s new look & extraordinary features. But is new facelift version of Renault Duster is going to rock the Indian market.

Well Facelift variant of duster comes with lot of changes like imposing broad hood which makes the look quit bold, fascinating DRl’s covered all around the headlamps which contains high beam reflectors at right & low beam projector at left. Grills get new update with some chrome treatment work on the black lining maze & bif renault logo at the front. Projector housing finished with chrome lining with LED bulbs. There are no such changes at the side , but yes new facelift version get new update of new 6 spoke diamond cut alloy’s which comes with 16 inches of rims. Back view get some futuristic touch of today’s design, black colour finished tail lamps with renault embossed at the front that connects both the tail lamps.

Hyundai creta can be very good urban SUV in the market with its own unique identity but compact SUV segment can be increasing rapidly in Indian market ,so now it’s time to be entered with a compact SUV & that’s the new Hyundai Venue with it’s futuristic look ,first in segment features & competitive pricing but what’s the new features in the new Venue let’s find out.

Design of Hyundai Venue & Duster 2019:

New Duster 2019 interior is somewhat inspired from Triber but yes quality is quit is better than the Triber. Seats get the new update with nappa leather which enhance the comfort & also get some funky hexa design on seats as well as on head rest also. But yes arm is not get such comfort & there is no space inside the arm rest but that space get shift in the dashboard like Triber. Dashboard also get some blue finish design which indicate the trade colour of Duster.

It starts with the Harrier in which the main highlights was the DRLs with turn indicators & just below that there were the main headlights with projector headlamps with reflectors. It’s good to see that every car can switch itself from halogen bulbs to projector headlamps.

overall look is neither aggressive nor too simple that’s why venue looks quit different & chrome treatment work is perfect which makes it’s looks anonymous.

Variant & Pricing of Duster 2019 & Venue:

New Duster doesn’t get any update in pricing it’s vary from 8-13 lakhs.

Variant Pricing

Petrol RXE 9.20 lakh

Petrol RXS 9.30 lakh

petrol RXS CVT 10 lakh

Diesel 85PS RXE 11.20 lakh

Diesel 85PS RXS 11.20 lakh

Diesel 85ps RXZ 12.10 lakh

Diesel 110PS RXS 13.10 lakh

Diesel PS RXZ AWD 12.50 lakh

Diesel 110 PS RXS AMT 12.10 lakh

Diesel 110 PS RXZ AMT 12.50 lakh

In terms of safety Duster is now equipped with ABS,EBD on all variants to adhere the crash test norms.

All wheel drive compact SUV is now available at affordable pricing in RXZ variant which comes with a price tag of 13 lakh Rs.


Well, there are total 9 variants but as we know that automatic variant can be mandatory in every SUV & yes Venue has automatic variant but in petrol only.

Variant Pricing

E 1.2 petrol 7.37 L

S1.2 Petrol 8.14 L

E14 CRDI 8.75 L

S1.0 Petrol 9.23 L

S1.4 CRDI 9.55 L

S1.0 Petrol 9.23 L

S1.4 CRDI 9.55 L

S1.0 AT petrol 10.49 L

SX 1.0 Petrol 10.70 L

SX 1.0 Dual tone Petrol 10.87 L

SX 1.4 CRDI 11.02 L

SX 1.0(O) Petrol 11.98 L

SX 1.4(O) CRDI 12.30 L

SX Plus 1.0 AT Petrol 12.54 L

What is Blue Link in Hyundai Venue:

All the variant comes in very descent pricing because all we are thinking that Venue can be over priced but after revealing its original pricing it’s price was very competitive.

What Is Blue Link Technology in Hyundai Venue ?

Blue link technology can be the first one to be entered into the Indian market & it’s the same technology as in MG Hector but quit different.

With the help of that technology, you can perform the various physical function of your car with the help of your Android app called as Blue link which you can download from google play store & apple I store. Now, what’s the physical function you can perform is like ON/OFF your ignition, Door 3Lock & Unlock, AC on & Off & Smart voice assistant system through which you can set your destination through navigation with the help of your voice command. Thanks to google India which can easily understand Hinglish easily so it’s very easy to command the voice assistance & to control various function such as navigation system. You can also set your destination with the help your navigation voice assistance such as hello Hyundai set the destination to the hotel, Take me to the petrol pump. Wow, what an interesting feature which can never be installed even in Mercedes India. Yes blue link technology already works in the USA for 9 years & Hyundai thinks to be entered the new technology into the Indian market.


In terms of performance, Renault Duster surely a powerful competitor & suites perfect for off roading but interior need’s to improve according to pricing because most of the SUV like XUV 300 & Hyundai Venue get more attractive touch in the interior. Otherwise Renault Duster is best so we gives 4.2 stars out of 5.

Definitely features mentioned above are the first in segment safety features which can never be given by other car brands & when come to performance than due to turbocharger petrol engine will give you phenomenal performance so ultimately Venue is an ultimate performer.