Which is the Best Hatchback under 10 Lakhs Toyota Glanza or Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

Glanza vs Grand i10 Nios

This year, every car of Hyundai gives tough competition to every maruti car such as Hyundai Venue succeed to compete with Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, now Hyundai will plan to compete with India’s one of the most selling hatchback of India called as Swift.

Hyundai Grand i10 succeed in Indian market but it’s not sufficient to compete with Maruti Suzuki Swift so they plan to modify Grand i10 to Grand i10 Nios with major changes in exterior,interior,design & price also.Some features given in Grand i10 Nios are first in segment & some are first in every segment even after comparison with SUV , Sedan etc.. Now which feature can be offering by Grand i10 Nios & is it sufficient to catch the attention of Indian customer?

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is one of the most loved one hatchback ,so after seeking such massive attention into the Indian market, Toyota plans to purchase the copyright design of Baleno. After rebadging Baleno is now the Glanza but is there any difference in terms of design,power,& other specifications, let’s find out?

Well in terms of design & dimension Glanza is the exactly copycat of Baleno but there are some minor some minor differences such as thick lining grills with toyota badging at the top & quit more chrome treatment work at window fender lining & thick chrome treatment at back & in terms of dimension glanza is 3995 mm long, 1745 mm in width & 1510 mm in height which is exactly as similar as Baleno.

Design & Interior of Toyota Glanza & Hyundai Grand i10 Nios:

Well design of Grand i10 Nios matches with Hyundai Santro just like it’s headlamps which comes with projector headlamps & reflectors, but headlamps are more sharpen than Santro.Grills totally matches with Hyundai Xcent but DRL uniquely placed on grills in V-cut shape which look’s some futuristic tough to it’s design. Fog lamp housing can be as similar as previous Grand i10.Side look is same as previous Grand i10 & there will be no change in dimension so length, width & height is 3721 mm, 1660 mm & 1880 mm. As we know that Grand i10 main USP is it’s awesome height & it can also be called as tall boy design car , so in terms of space Grand i10 is more better than Swift. Back look comes with oval tail lamps which is the identity of Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Yes every part of Grand i10 Nios mathes with some other car but apart from that mixture it’s look more mordernstic.

While Toyota Glanza looks almost like baleno, but few minor changes in design can be shown such as grills must be different with thick chrome lining at the top with bif Toyota logo at the front.Side & back look almost looks like the replica of Baleno with the logo of Toyota at the back.

Interior design totally based upon black colour with 8.2 inches of tough screen infotainment system in the centre console which contains apple car play & android auto but in top variant only. Seats comfort may be enhance may be because of different branding & the name of Toyota in the market. 2 Airbags must be provided as an safety in the top model & in the base model also. In terms of space called as leg room & head room it’s as similar as Baleno, so ultimately you will get sufficient lrg room because of long length of Glanza but for tall persons headroom might create some issue.So ultimately feature & technology wise Toyota Glanza must be similar as Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

Engine specifications of Toyota Glanza & Hyundai Grand i10 Nios:

Petrol engine comes with 1.2 L (1100 cc) which produces a power of 82 BHP with 133 Nm of torque.This engine is based upon VVT technology which same as in baleno called as Variable Value timing but torque is quit less than the baleno which 115 Nm. Diesel engine is not available in Glanza which is very disappointing for some of the customers wants a diesel hatchback. Yes Maruti also plans to stop the production of diesel cars into the Indian marker but i think it’s too early for toyota to stop the production of diesel engine in Glanza.

Hyundai was the first company to offer BS6 engine in diesel . Yes Kia Seltos will also provide BS 6 engine but Seltos will launch on 22 august & Grand i10 Nios will launch on 20th of August so it is the first car to offer BS6 engine. Engine option can be available in one variant only with 1.2 Litre diesel & 1.2 litre petrol engine. 1.2 petrol engine provides 83 BHP of power with 113 Nm of torque, while 1.2 litre of diesel engine provides 89 BHP of power with 151 Nm of torque. Ultimately engine is powerful in competition with Swift.

Features other than Baleno in Glanza & Features in Grand i10 Nios:

1: Dual tone interior: Dual tone interior is very important in every car which can give us an eye Cathy looks & interior looks more interesting.

2:Warranty: Warranty will decide, how perfectly company manufactured the product more years of warranty means a good product & yes you will get 1 more year warranty as compared to Baleno & total you will get 3 years of warranty in Toyota Glanza.

3: One tough down-up power windows:It’s very important to be focussed while driving but there are some minute things which can disrupt the driver attention such as power windows but one tough up- down become very helpful while driving because it takes few seconds to up-down the window & driver attention does not disrupt.

Variant & Pricing of Glanza & Grand i10 Nios:

Variants & Pricing:

Glanza available only in petrol variant & these are divides into 4 variant

Variant Pricing

G 7.25 Lakhs Rs

V 7.67 Lakhs Rs

G AT 8.36 Lakhs Rs

V AT 8.99 Lakhs Rs

these are Ex showroom pricing which as similar as Baleno V AT pricing matching Alpha 1.2 At (Baleno) so in terms of pricing there is no such difference.

Hyundai Grand i10 price may exceed to 50-60 thousand when compare tp Hyundai Grand i10 that means price may vary from 5.6 lakhs to 9.8 Lakhs Rs.