Which is the Best Compact SUV of India”Hyundai Venue vs Tata Nexon Kraz”

Hyundai Venue vs Tata Nexon Kraz

What do you think, which is the Best Compact SUV of India”Hyundai Venue vs Tata Nexon Kraz”

Tata successfully sold out 1 lakh unit of Nexon in India & to celebrate Tata decided to launch Kraz+ which is the modification of Nexon.

In 2018 Tata has launched Nexon Kraz. 2018 edition Kraz featured lime green tough up, but the new 2019 variant may makeover again.

Hyundai Venue is the hottest SUV with its sharp lining DRLS, projector headlamps with side reflectors at the front with turn indicators on the top.

But in terms of design, truely it is as similar as Tata Harrier so Hyundai Venue is better than Tata Nexon in terms of design.

Design & Looks of Tata Nexon Kraz vs Hyundai Venue:

In terms of looks, new Kraz highlights with “Tangerine Orange shade” upon grills,alloy wheels & on rear wing mirrors.

Front look featured projector headlamps on top with side reflectors & newly add up DRL’s flow along with the reflectors. Tata stills uses traditional honey comb maze grills with the big Tata logo at the centre. At the bottom rounded LED fog lamp with chrome housing can be found.

Side look design must be same but the looks are change with Orange design on the rims & upon wing mirrors which can give sporty look to Nexon Kraz & also make it different from Nexon 2019.

Back view is still same but found orange badging of Kraz+ on the left with the Tata logo at the centre & Nexon written on the right.

Overall design must be same but Tata added some orange ascent to make it as a unique identity.

The dimension of TATA Nexon Kraz still same as previous Nexon.

Length:3994 mm

Width:1811 mm

Height: 1607 mm

It starts with the Harrier in which the main highlights was the DRLs with turn indicators & just below that there were the main headlights with projector headlamps with reflectors. It’s good to see that every car can switch itself from halogen bulbs to projector headlamps.

The overall look is neither aggressive nor too simple that’s why venue looks quite different & chrome treatment work is perfect which makes it looks anonymous.

Well, there are total 9 variants but as we know that automatic variant can be mandatory in every SUV & yes Venue has automatic variant but in petrol only.

If you want to read full article on Tata Nexon Kraz, then click on the link below

Tata Nexon Kraz, Kraz+ launched in India at Rs…

Variant Pricing

E 1.2 petrol 7.37 L

S1.2 Petrol 8.14 L

SX 1.4 CRDI 11.02 L

SX 1.0(O) Petrol 11.98 L

SX 1.4(O) CRDI 12.30 L

For the pricing of all variants please read the full article on Hyundai Venue,click on the link belowWhat new in the Hyundai Venue?

Engine & Transmission of Tata Nexon Kraz vs Hyundai Venue:

Tata Nexon is powerful but the same power ,will Tata gives on Kraz+?

1.2 Litre of petrol engine will power new Nexon Kraz which produces 108 BHP of power with 170 Nm of Torque.

1.5 Litre of diesel engine produces 108 BHP of power with 108 BHP of power with 260 Nm of Torque.

Engine & Transmission of Hyundai Venue:

1:1.2 Litre petrol Engine: 

This option is available in base variant only which produces 82 BHP of power with 115 Nm of torque.

2: 1.0 Litre petrol Engine:

This engine option is only available in top variant only Yes I know this option goes to low cc but 1.0 Litre of the engine can become with a turbocharger which can increase your car performance & pickup aa well as so 1.0 Litre of the engine produces 112 BHP of power with 172 Nm of torque.

3: 1.4 Litre Diesel Engine:

Well diesel engine will definitely gives you a better torque so 1397 cc of diesel engine produces 89 BHP of power with 220 Nm of torque.


Well in terms of design & looks Tata Nexon surely compete to it’s rivals such as Hyundai Venue & Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

Tata Nexon is the safest SUV of India as per Global N_cap test which can conduct crash test for India & N-cap gives 5 star rating.

Ultimately from My lucky car.in overall 4.5 stars out of 5.

Definitely features mentioned above are the first in segment safety features which can never be given by other car brands & when come to performance than due to turbocharger petrol engine will give you phenomenal performance so ultimately Venue is an ultimate performer.