Bs-6 Engine cars launched in 2019

BS-6 Engine Cars in India, Here is the list of top rated BS-6 cars in India ,but these are the points which need to remember while purchasing the new one.

BS-4 vs BS-6 engine, which is better for future?

Is Bs-4 fuel, will damage your new car?

These are the main questions, which arises when you want to purchase a new car, but to know these answers, we have to know what are these BS4-4 & BS-6 norms.

Automobile sector in 2019 crashes to almost 23.2% & one of the major reason for that is, customers will now more interested in BS-6 over BS-4, but really is there any difference in between these two?.Well to answer these question, we have to now, what are the BS-4 & BS-6 norms.

What is BS stands for?

BS means “Bharat Stage” which indicates the stage of pollution level for Bharat (India). BS can also be called as BSES (Bharat Stage Emission Standard) which indicates the emission standard for India.

How BS Norms started in India?

In the year 2000, Central Automotive Department was firstly introduces BS(Bharat Stage) standards, which can be taken for European standard.

Most of the automotive standard was taken from European countries, specially Euro N-Cap test, which conduct safety test for India.

How Pollution Level Stages Decided?

Bs-2 was firstly introduces in year 2000 in which India was on 2nd stage in terms of emission standard.

Stage called as BS-2,3,4,5,6 decides by the emission of pollution & pollution level was decided by the quantity of pollutants, present in the gases.

Main gases responsible for major pollution was Sulphur particulars which is the mixture of various gases of sulphur like SOX,SO2,SO3 & the second main pollutant responsible for pollution is Nitrous Oxide NOX.

The quantity of NOX & Sulphur particulates decided the stage of pollution emission.

Lesser the quantity of NOX & Sulphur particulates, greater the the stage of Emission. That means currently Bharat stands on 4 position in emission standard & soon achieve 6th position in emission standard.


BS-2 means India is on 2nd stage in terms of pollution emission.

Sulphur particles present in BS-2 engine was 80 ppm( Parts Per Million). PPM is the quantity to measure the amount of gases. NOX (Nitrous Oxide) present in BS-2 was app 60% in petrol & 95% in diesel).


BS-4 means India is on 4nd stage in terms of pollution emission.

Sulphur particles present in BS-4 engine was 50 ppm( Parts Per Million). which is 3 times less than BS-2 engine. NOX (Nitrous Oxide) present in BS-4 was app..40% in petrol & 75% in diesel). Ultimately due to the less quantity of SOX & NOX BS-4 engine emits less pollution as compared to BS-2.

BS-6 means India is on 6nd stage in terms of pollution emission.


Sulphur particles present in BS-6 engine was 10 ppm( Parts Per Million). which is 5 times less than BS-4 engine. NOX (Nitrous Oxide) present in BS-6 was app..25% in petrol & 55% in diesel). Ultimately due to the less quantity of SOX & NOX BS-6 engine emits less pollution as compared to BS-4.

BS-4 vs BS-6, Which One is Better?

BS-4 & BS-6, both are the good option, but Government of India decided to bane BS-6 engine till 2020.

But don’t worry Bann will on car manufacturing company not for the customers, so ultimately no problem for purchasing BS-4 engine cars such as “Maruti Suzuki Ertiga”.

For reading full blog on Maruti Suzuki XL-6, click on the link below

6 Seater Maruti Suzuki XL-6

Obviously due to less quantity of pollutants such as NOX & SOX BS-6 engine is better than BS-4, but it’s also true BS-4 engine cars was sell on huge discount of 75,000-1 Lakh Rs, so is it safe to buy BS-4 cars, let’s see in the conclusion.

Why BS-5 engine not come in India?

Well after BS-4, Government of India decided to skip odd numbers such as BS-5, because of Various reasons such as…

1: It is not possible for car company to switch the production from 4-5 in a year, because it results in huge loss for car manufacturer.

2: Almost 15 Lakh vehicles sold in India every year so it must be difficult for manufacturing company to fulfill those demands by continuously switching the engine option such as from BS-4 to BS-5.

So these are the reason due to which Government of India decided to skip odd numbers.

List of BS-6 Cars in India:

1: Kia Seltos

2: Hyundai Venue (Upcoming)

3: Maruti Suzuki Ertia

4: Maruti Suzuki XL-6

5: MG Hector (Upcoming)

6: Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

7: Hyundai Kona

8: Renault Triber (Upcoming)

9: Renault Duster (Upcoming)

10: Hyundai Creta iX-25 (Upcoming)

11: Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

12: Renault Kwid 2019

13: Datsun Go

14: Datsun Go+

15: Honda City 2019 (Upcoming)