Which is the Best compact SUV of India Toyota Raize vs Renault Duster 2019?

Which is the Best compact SUV of India Toyota Raize vs Renault Duster 2019 ?

New Competition in compact SUV Segment “Toyota Raize”

Finally after knowing the real demands of Indians, Toyota plans to launch it’s new compact SUV in Indian market.

Toyota is very powerful brand in MPV & SUV segment because of Innova & Fortuner & still there is no competition of these.

To sustain the competition Toyota now plans to entered into Indian market by it’s new product name as Toyota Raize.

Duster is one of the oldest compact SUV in India from Renault, but not get so much attention from customers because of no upgradation for few years. But now Duster is going to be update with it’s new look & extraordinary features. But is new facelift version of Renault Duster is going to rock the Indian market.

Design & Dimension of Toyota Raize vs Renault Duster 2019:

New Toyota Raize main USP is it’s sharp look which contain rocky design projector headlamps at front & thick chrome lining which connects both the headlights also Toyota logo at the front.

This time grills design & position, both maay changed. New grill shape like trapezoidal shape with black finish. Just by side rounded fog lamps along with DRL’S may positioned accurately.

Because it’s an compact SUV so it’s length is 3995 mm long. Apart from dimension side look features 17 inches of funky design diamond cut alloy wheels with dual tone exterior with black roof on the top & door chrome handles.

Back look conatines wrap around horizontal tail lamps with LED lighting, body cladding & bumper lighting as well.

Dimensions of Toyota Raize:

Length: 3995 mm

Width: 1620 mm

Height: 1695 mm

Well Facelift variant of duster comes with lot of changes like imposing broad hood which makes the look quit bold, fascinating DRl’s covered all around the headlamps which contains high beam reflectors at right & low beam projector at left. Grills get new update with some chrome treatment work on the black lining maze & bif renault logo at the front. 

 Projector housing finished with chrome lining with LED bulbs. There are no such changes at the side , but yes new facelift version get new update of new 6 spoke diamond cut alloy’s which comes with 16 inches of rims. Back view get some futuristic touch of today’s design, black colour finished tail lamps with renault embossed at the front that connects both the tail lamps.

Interior Design of New Toyota Raize vs Renault Duster 2019:

oyota not officially reveal it’s full interior design, but showing some highlights which may contain dual tone interior with badge+black colour shade with rocky design dashboard & aluminium bits on AC vents.

Seats seems to be comfortable with fox leather seats. Most interesting parts is it’s centre console which may contain 8 inches of head up tough screen infotainment system which contain features like apple car play, android auto,bluetooth connectivity & aux compatibility.

The main point is that is new Toyota Raize contain connective feature like Hyundai Venue Blue link. Company not officially reval it’s connectivity feature but if contain than surely it beats Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza & if not than it become difficult for Toyota to sustain into Indian Market.

New Duster 2019 interior is somewhat inspired from Triber but yes quality is quit is better than the Triber. Seats get the new update with nappa leather which enhance the comfort & also get some funky hexa design on seats as well as on head rest also.

But yes arm is not get such comfort & there is no space inside the arm rest but that space get shift in the dashboard like Triber. Dashboard also get some blue finish design which indicate the trade colour of Duster.

Engine Specification of All new Toyota Raize vs Renault Duster 2019:

New Toyota Raize contain 1.0 litre turbo charged 3 cylinder 12 valve petrol engine which produces a power of 98 BHP with 140.2 Nm of torque.

Same engine option can be provided in Hyundai Venue but only in top model so if same engine option will provide in new Toyota Raize also in base model than surely Toyota Raize is one of the toughest competitor for Hyundai Venue.

In terms of transmission Toyota only provide 5-speed automatic CVT transmission. So majorly it’s a drawback for a company if manual transmission was not available there.

All new Duster is based upon CMF platform which is capable to be stable during off-roading but is it capable to do so. Well, new duster has been tested on every worst road as possible & specially tested on Snowy roads which indicate that Duster is surely capable of off road.

Variant & Pricing of Renault Duster 2019:

New Duster doesn’t get any update in pricing it’s vary from 8-13 lakhs.

Variant Pricing

Petrol RXE 9.20 lakh

Petrol RXS 9.30 lakh

petrol RXS CVT 10 lakh

Diesel 85PS RXE 11.20 lakh

Diesel 85PS RXS 11.20 lakh

Diesel 85ps RXZ 12.10 lakh

Diesel 110PS RXS 13.10 lakh

Diesel PS RXZ AWD 12.50 lakh

Diesel 110 PS RXS AMT 12.10 lakh

Diesel 110 PS RXZ AMT 12.50 lakh

In terms of safety Duster is now equipped with ABS,EBD on all variants to adhere the crash test norms.

All wheel drive compact SUV is now available at affordable pricing in RXZ variant which comes with a price tag of 13 lakh Rs.

Variant & Pricing of Toyota Raize:

Officially company may not reveal it’s pricing but we may hope to be vary in between 8-12 lakhs Rs.


In terms of performance, Renault Duster surely a powerful competitor & suites perfect for off roading but interior need’s to improve according to pricing because most of the SUV like XUV 300 & Hyundai Venue get more attractive touch in the interior. Otherwise Renault Duster is best so we gives 4.2 stars out of 5.

Overall we give 4.5 stars out of 5 to all new Toyota Raize. Officially company may not reveal it’s pricing but we may hope to be vary in between 8-12 lakhs Rs.