What is difference in between BS4 & BS6?

What is difference in between BS4 & BS6?

bs4 VS bs6.
What is the difference in between BS4 vs BS6.

What is BS & BSES?

BS stands for Bharat Stage or Bharat Stage Emission Standards which shows the pollution stage of Bharat in emission standard. Currently Bharat (India) is on 6 stage which derived as BS-6.

In 2001 BS-1 introduced than BS-2,3 & in 2016 BS-4.Higher the stage lesser the engine emits the pollution.

Difference in Between BS-4 & BS-6

BS-4 & BS-6, both are the good option, but Government of India decided to bane BS-6 engine till 2020.

But don’t worry Bann will on car manufacturing company not for the customers, so ultimately no problem for purchasing BS-4 engine cars such as “Maruti Suzuki Ertiga”.

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Obviously due to less quantity of pollutants such as NOX & SOX BS-6 engine is better than BS-4, but it’s also true BS-4 engine cars was sell on huge discount of 75,000-1 Lakh Rs, so is it safe to buy BS-4 cars, let’s see in the conclusion.

How to identify the BS4 & BS6 Grade Fuel?

Fuel grading must depends upon the amount of pollutants present in the fuel, so if BS-4 fuel contains sulphur less than 80 mg/km & BS-6 fuel contains sulphur less than 60 mg/km in petrol engine.While in diesel engine fuel contains sulphur less than 250 mg/km & BS-6 fuel contains sulphur less than 170 mg/km in diesel engine.

Whenever we fuel our car from fuel pump than apart from cost & capacity display meter there is small one display just below them where pollutants contains shows especially sulphur contains from where you identify the grading of your fuel

Is BS-4 Engine Fill with BS-6 Grade Fuel?

BS-6 grade fuel contains lesser sulphur content than BS-4 grade fuel as the result you vehicle emits more pollution & probably it will heavily damage your vehicle because sulphur act as a lubricant for engine so lesser sulphur means less lubrication which is not good for your vehicle.

But it’s not in the case from BS-2 to BS-4 because in BS-2 engine vehicle like Bajaj Chetak oil must necessary needed to fill up after fueling the vehicle, but not in the case of BS-4 because the sulphur contains in BS-4 might replace the need of oil.

Is BS-6 Engine Fill with BS-4 Grade Fuel?

No BS-4 grade fuel will not damage your new car because greater sulphur contain in BS-4 grade fuel will not harm your new car but your vehicle will create little more pollution. This case is valid for petrol vehicles only not for the diesel cars & trucks that’s why major car manufacture stops the production of BS-6 diesel cars like Maruti Suzuki & Hyundai because it’s harder to convert diesel engine from BS-4 into BS-6 as compared to petrol.

What about CNG option in BS-6 engine Cars?

Similar to BS-4 engine CNG option must be available in petrol engine only because it’s not possible to connect CNG function into the BS6 diesel cars.So surely CNG option must come in the BS-6 engine cars with the greater efficiency as compared to BS-4.

Which One is better option to purchase BS-4 or BS-6

BS-4 engine vehicles must be available with heavy discount but just to complete or clear the company stock.Apart from that you have to pay 10-15 k more for same vehicle but BS-6 engine.Ultimately to purchase BS-6 engine vehicle is better option to purchase if you plan to buy the vehicle for a longer period of time & it’s better to purchase the BS-4 engine vehicle if you plan for a shorter period of time & than it’s for you to easily switch to electric vehicles.

Will BS-6 Fuel be More Expensive than BS-4?

Yes because of more refinement than BS-4 you will find the price hick 4-5 Rs more than the BS-4 but don’t need to worry as soon as it starts available in most of the fuel station than probably price starts drop in 1-2 years till you will need to suffer the major price difference.

Can You convert an old vehicle to meet BS-6 emission on your own?

It is definitely possible to convert your older vehicle into BS-6 norms one by contacting from your nearest service station, but unfortunately company not authorised any modification to covert it from BS-2,4 to BS-6 norms so you have to take some risk to covert it in an unauthorised manner.

ADBlue technology helps you to meet BS-6 standard. AdBlue is a chemical solution made from urea & deionized water that can reduced the quantity of NOX Nitrogen oxide to convert the BS-4 standard into BS-6. Currently Kia Carnival uses same technology in diesel variant to meet the BS-6 emission standard norms

Why BS-5 engine not come in India?

Well after BS-4, Government of India decided to skip odd numbers such as BS-5, because of Various reasons such as…

1: It is not possible for car company to switch the production from 4-5 in a year, because it results in huge loss for car manufacturer.

2: Almost 15 Lakh vehicles sold in India every year so it must be difficult for manufacturing company to fulfill those demands by continuously switching the engine option such as from BS-4 to BS-5.

So these are the reason due to which Government of India decided to skip odd numbers.


Well if you plan to buy car for a short period of time than go for BS-5 option because it will cost you 1 lakh cheaper than the previous year price or current price.

But if you plan to purchase a Car for an spam of time than go for BS-6, because it safe for future & BS-4 engine cars may no remain in next 15 years. Ultimately it’s better to have BS-6 engine option.