How to take care of car during lockdown

How to take care of car during lockdown

During the period of lock down no one can leave & no one can come, so surely your vehicle can withstand at ideal position for a long time.At this time you need to pay extra care of your vehicle, otherwise several problem can occur like:

Battery Problem

Tyre wear

Mouse home in your car

rusting problem

So to solve every vehicle related problem we will give you some tips so that your vehicle don’t face such problems.

Let’s take each problem one by one:

1: Battery Problem:

Problem: If your car want start for a long period of time then your battery will drain soon after 1 week.

Solution: So to overcome this problem you need to start your car every 3 days so that your car wan’t get such battery problem & it will also maintain lubrication in your engine which result your car run smoothly even after a long period of time.

2: Handbrake Problem:

Usually we put our car on handbrake if we have to put our car for a long time but don’t do that mistake because it may cause two problems

Problem: 1: Putting your car on handbrake creates the rusting problem on the disc/drum & also on brake pad because of close contact in between them.

2: Putting your handbrake active for a long time keeps the handbrake operation tight.

Solution: To solve these problems put your car on gear mode & put the piece of wood otherwise brick in front of the tyres.

In that case if your car is parked on slope than release your handbrake several times after 3 days as battery testing case.

3: Flat Spot on tyres:

Problem:Keeping your car at same place for a long period of time cause the flat spot on the tyre which may result in decrease your life spam of your tyre.

Solution: To solve this problem whenever you come to start your car then change the position of your tyres after 3 days so that flat spot on tyres never come after this solution.

4: Fuel Tank Rusting:

Problem: If your car don’t start for a long period of time than your fuel whether it’s petrol or diesel it may causes the fuel tank rusting.

Solution: To solve this problem either empty the fuel tank at that time or weekly change your fuel so that rusting may not occur afterwards.

5: Body Rusting:

Problem: Many of us parked our car outside 24*7 but it may result body rusting during rainy season & also rain water may enter inside your car at the result body rusting may occur.

Solution: To overcome this problem either parked your vehicle inside or cover your vehicle with rain cover or any other water resistant cover.

6: Mouse Related problem:

Problem: If car want go outside for a long period than it’s probable that mouse will create there home inside your car.

Solution: To avoid this problem use kapoor pieces inside your car of use phenyl tablets otherwise.

7:Scooty/Bike/Van Problems:

Problem: A ll of these vehicles mentioned use belt type powertrain , so if you have any type of vehicle mentioned above in the heading & if you want start your vehicle for a long time than belt drive may jammed with the drum & it may decreases the belt power & also the life of your belt.

Solution: To solve this problem start your vehicle after every 3 days & also little accelerate so that belt does not jammed again.

8: Superbikes Problem:

Problem: Superbikes will also face same problem as mentioned above like battery drain,rusting etc..

Solution: To solve this problem cold start your vehicle & also little accelerate to overcome all of these problem.