Datsun Redi-GO 2020 better than alto k10

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Datsun Redi-GO 2020 better than alto k10

Datsun Redi-GO 2020 better than alto k10

Redi-go is the entry level hatchback from Datsun offering great experience in effective pricing &

It’s main rivals such as Renault Kwid,Maruti suzuki alto k10 & Maruti suzuki S-Presso.

In 2020 Datsun is ready to launch it’s new generation Redi-GO with new & refreshing look,New drls & diamond cut alloy wheels & with BS-6 compliances also.

Now let’s have a look to new Datsun redi-go 2020 & let’s check & compare with it’s rivals.

Design & Dimension of Datsun redi-go 2020

New redi-go is now have bigger honey-comb maize grills, L-shape DRL, sharper headlights & car badging light on the side. All those modifications in datsun redi-go makes it’s tough competitor as compared to the Kwid & S-Presso.

Side look now have more curve lines to make it’s look more aggressive & bold, dimension still smaller than the competitors but looks are better than S-Presso

Company is not reveling it’s back look yet but the tail light design has been changed & looks more like the Honda-CRV.Company change the back bulky design of previous redi-go which is the main negative point for redi-go.

Datsun redi go dimensions


Engine specification of Datsun Redi-GO:

Datsun redi-go is available with two engine options 799cc & 999c. 799 cc engine produce power of 53 BHP with 73 Nm of torque, while 999cc engine produces power of 67 BHP with 91 Nm of torque.In terms of power & torque all the three cars have same engine options also they also produces same power as Redi-go but kwid & S-Presso is moreover for fuel efficiency & Redi-go engine is moreover for power.

Datsun redi-go interior:

Company not reveal it’s interior yet, but because it is a facelift version therefore it’s interior design is same as previous generation, but blue line accent must be shown everywhere which add as a sport element in the interior design & make it’s interior looks more sharper & sporty.

Interior design of redi-go contain triangular shape AC vents at front, conventional ac vents, manual ac control,USB Port with charger,Speedometer & glove box at the bottom.New design will also have adjustable headrest at front & arm erst also for more convenience for back passengers.

Datsun redi-go first in segment features:

1: Datsun redi go is now come with 1 airbag as an standard option.

2: Datsun redi-go is now equipped with 1-star safety rating from global N-cap test.

3: Datsun red-go is the cheapest car offering 1.0 litre 999cc engine under 5 lakhs rs.

4: Datsun redi-go is the only car to have diamond cut alloy wheels.

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If we conclude than datsun redi is the best option if you plan to buy a hatchback under 5 lakh rs.